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Welcome to the Cozy World of Bohemian Lake


The Bohemian world is comprised of five series. Each series focuses on a different Bohemian resident(s), although all of the books intersect and characters cross books.

A Penning Trouble Mystery Series

Book One: Murder, She Floats

Book Two: Murder, She Slopes

Book Three: Murder, Ye Bones

Book Four: Murder in the Catacombs 

Haunted House Flippers Inc.

Cookies, Corpses & the Deadly Haunt

Candy Canes, Corpses & the Gothic Haunt

Crumb Cake, Corpses & the Run-of-the-Mill

Crème Eggs, Corpses & the Farmhouse Fixer

Black Cats, Corpses & the Pumpkin Pantry

Christmas, Corpses & the Gingerbread Flip Flop

Bohemian Murder Manor Mysteries

Gypsies, Traps & Missing Thieves

Make-Believes & Lost Memories

Ouija, Death & Wicked Witchery

Mistletoe & Hauntings

Ferris Wheels & Fortune Squeals 

Bohemian Festival Fiasco Mysteries

Nuttier Than a Pecan Pie

Skate or Die (Coming 2021)

Bookish Adventures in Witch-Lit Series

Scandal & Gretel

Hyde & Seek

My Evil Valentine Elixir

Night of the Living Well-Read

Penny is a breath of fresh air to the world of cozy mysteries, as she is a woman who is not to be messed with and can certainly take care of herself. No rescuing needed here!

The Montana Bookaholic

I love these books in the Haunted House Flippers Inc.series. This is the second book but it works well as a stand alone. Rachael's cast of characters is strong. They are quirky, personable and fun. I always have to put aside everything else to just sit and read these wonderful cozy mysteries. This tale has an extremely well written plot. I highly recommend it.

~Bernadette Cinkoske

I thoroughly enjoyed this story. It had more twists and turns than a Formula One racetrack. I loved the combination of suspense and humour, combined with the quirky characters. I can't wait for the next installment! For me personally, that is the sign of a well-written book 😀 Grab a copy today. I highly recommend it!

Wendy Lee

This is just a fun series over all that keeps growing and expanding to encompass more and more of the good folks in Bohemian Lake. All of the characters featured in the various Bohemian Lake spin-off series make an appearance or get a mention so reading this is like visiting family. The mystery behind the action is solid and the resolution sound making for a good story for the cozy mystery lover.

Karen Siddall

I love the fact the story is set in the Black Forest. I’ve been there and it’s so charming! So that made this book extra special for me. But the Black Forest is not only charming, but also very, very creepy!!! Hansel and Gretel, just not as you know it! And there’s a cat. A black cat. Mysterious…

This review is for Rachael Stapleton's Mistletoe and Hauntings Mallory Vianu has the gift to help the recently departed cross over. When she decides to not go to the Mistletoe Ball, Nana Vianu tells her She will be visited by the ghost of the past, present, and unless she can prevent it the future also. This is another fun story from Rachael's world of Bohemian Lake. There are well-developed characters, a bit of humor, and a solid storyline.

Thomas Palmer

Nice story. A fitting one for Valentine's. Bohemian Lake is hosting its own reality show. This one is for the Last Fairy Tale Couple Standing. Sera Popescu is tricked into being a stand-in contestant after one of the female contestants knocked out of the competition whit a tainted potion that puts her in what appears to be a coma. Sera didn't even remember applying. But it was too good of an opportunity for Eve, Nana, and Nelle to pass up. An opportunity to play a little matchmaking of their own. With one contestant out and another dead, Sera is once again on the case to find a killer. She just hopes she can before theirs another victim. 

Thomas Palmer

Bohemian World Order:

A Penning Trouble Mystery: Murder, She Floats

Haunted House Flippers Cookies, Corpses & the Deadly Haunt

A Penning Trouble Mystery: Murder, She Slopes

Haunted House Flippers: Candy Canes, Corpses & the Gothic Haunt

Bohemian Murder Manor: Gypsies, Traps & Missing Thieves

Bohemian Murder Manor: Make-Believes & Lost Memories

Haunted House Flippers: Crumb Cake, Corpses & the Run-of-the-Mill

A Penning Trouble Mystery: Murder, Ye Bones

Bohemian Festival Fiasco: Nuttier than Pecan Pie

Bohemian Murder Manor: Ouija, Death & Wicked Witchery

Haunted House Flippers: Crème Eggs, Corpses & the Farmhouse Fixer

Bookish Adventures in Witch-Lit: Scandal & Gretel

Bookish Adventures in Witch-Lit: Hyde & Seek

Bohemian Murder Manor: Mistletoe & Hauntings

A Penning Trouble Mystery: Murder in the Catacombs

Bookish Adventures in Witch-Lit - My Evil Valentine

Bookish Adventures in Witch-Lit: Night of the Living Well-Read

Haunted House Flippers: Black Cats, Corpses & the Pumpkin Pantry

Bohemian Murder Manor: Ferris Wheels & Fortune Squeals

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